• Erin

    Meet the owner and creator of Blue House Curio. Each piece at BHC is handcrafted with love and care by Erin from start to finish. Erin draws inspiration from nature and absolutely loves that she gets to preserve pieces for others to enjoy. Her number one priority is making sure your treasures are cared for and handled with the utmost respect. Whether you're purchasing at a market or online, Erin aims to provide exceptional service and an inviting atmosphere.

  • Doug

    You've seen his beaming smile at markets! You've probably been greeted warmly by him and you most certainly won't forget him-It's Doug! Doug is husband to Erin and friend to everyone. We count on Doug to do the heavy lifting and sanding for those flawless finishing touches. We love Doug! Let's hear it for the boy!

  • Dalí & Lu!

    The dynamic duo-Dalí & Lu! Not only do Dalí & Lu spend their time being the neighborhood watch of East Hill, but they also work for BHC. Dalí is in Accounting and Lu is in Management. Whatever he says goes!